07 Jul

Communication “curving” the way to success

Remember those days of the Nokia “Brick” phones. The nostalgia can be sensed when communications where simply,

Irwin M&E Limited in partnership with Barclay Communications

office computers where used for emails, faxes where used for receiving orders, and mobile phones where rarely used and never carried as they were simply a nuisance.

Well now mobile phone technology is a way of life and Irwin M&E Limited continues to be innovative to utilise this technology as efficiently as possible. Gone are the nostalgic days of sitting behind a desk. In partnership with “Barclay Communications”, Irwin M&E Limited use O2 and Blackberry to offer a lean communication process from top-level management down to operational level.

Every senior manager, every contracts manager and every foreman use Blackberry Curve devices that provide features such as software to read documents and drawings, ability to sync emails directly to a handset and allows the ability to offer an increase in response time by at least 10fold. Customers no longer have to wait until emails are read in offices. Supervisors no longer have to wait until the next management meeting to see where they have to be next. Response is more efficient, there is no need for unnecessary overtime and most critical are customers are dealt with immediately, all down to our utilisation of mobile phone technology, using the Blackberry Curve Smart phones in our business.

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