10 Oct

.Com A-Cross London Home delivery has been growing rapidly across the UK, therefore Tesco have made a commercial decision to begin building stores specifically for the home delivery sector. The second ever UK site was recently completed in Enfield, London, beside the M25 corridor. It will employ 200 people with 80 delivery vans operational to cover North London regions.

The 10,000 sq ft warehouse was time scaled at 16 weeks and the £150,000+ project was to work alongside our strategic business partners, Cross Refrigeration to install all the wiring on the refrigeration side.

Irwin M&E Limited installation of refrigeration controls
Refrigeration controls installed by Irwin M&E Limited on behalf of Cross Refrigeration

The installation was of industrial nature with heavy gauge cable tray and armoured cable the preferred method of installation. It included all the power supplies for the refrigeration equipment and also many control cables for the Danfoss controls used throughout the site.

The project had 6 electricians onsite at any one time and was successfully headed up by Simon Marshall. They completed the project on time and even completed an extra freezer room within the original time frame set out.

The rest of the team who deserve recognition of their efforts include Chris Allen, Kevin Curley, Jonny Hedley, Colin Gibson, Stevie Cray, Mark Reid, Darren Stewart, Barry Torley and Jamie Neville.

Project Manager, Simon Marshall has specially commended Chris Allen, who is now in sunny Australia, for running the site and on achieving the high level of electrical work expected by Irwin M&E Limited and also a special recognition to Darren Stewart, whom as an apprentice showed a real “can do” attitude and proved to be one of the best electricians on site, even though he is still in his apprenticeship. Well done to Darren. And well done Irwin M&E Limited for a successful job completed for one of the UK’s leading companies.

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