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Pan Government Property Maintenance Framework

This contract is for the provision of building, mechanical and electrical services to carry out reactive and planned maintenance services, and micro works/projects for CPD Property Services Division.

The contract covers over 150 crown-owned buildings throughout the northern region of Northern Ireland including Stormont, jobs and benefits offices, courthouses, civil service office buildings, probation offices, housing executive offices, driver and vehicle licensing buildings, MOT centres, county halls, transport hubs, forest parks, etc.

Micro works and projects encompass upgrades to existing services, refurbishments, reconfigurations, extensions, disabled adaptions, heating system replacements, lighting replacements, etc.

M&E Value £8m P.A.
Region Northern Region of Northern Ireland
Client CPD Property Services Division
Main Contractor Irwin M&E Limited
Contract NEC4 Term Service Contract Option A
Duration 4 years

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