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Energy & Renewables

Energy Audits

Energy Audits

Solution Focused for Creating Efficient Energy Outputs

Rising energy costs and Net Zero targets mean businesses are under pressure to find solutions to help them reduce their utility costs and carbon emissions.

We provide an energy auditing service which involves an in-depth analysis of the performance and management of energy consuming plant throughout a range of environments including; manufacturing sites, offices, hospitals and schools.

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Energy Audits

We offer energy audits to help support you and your business to become more energy efficient.

These include a comprehensive report which details opportunities explaining how your business can improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, reduce carbon emissions and help them on their pathway to achieving Net Zero.

Energy Consumption Breakdown

CO2e savings (tonnes)

Energy Savings (kWh)

Identified Opportunities

Areas of Good Practice

Analyse data to show inefficiencies to make informed decisions

Trend analysis metrics such as consumption and performance

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