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Energy Management System

Energy Management System

Monitor, Optimise and Report on Energy Consumption

In collaboration with Izon, the asset management software allows your business to directly access your assets live energy consumption.

Izon is a real time asset management software platform that acts as a central hub to report on all of the energy consumption of monitored buildings.

Through the analysis of live data, Izon enables businesses to make educated and informed decisions on how they can reduce their energy consumption, reduce utility bills and reduce carbon emissions.

  • See a real-time dashboard of your assets
  • Tailored to the specific needs of your business
  • All your essential information, in one place
  • 25% average reduction in energy use
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Energy Management System

The Izon Asset Management Software allows you to assess the utility draw, and cost implications of all energy consumption that takes place inside the business. Understanding this baseline, whether it be gas, water, oil, or electricity, and having this knowledge imported via a single, live dashboard.

Analyse consumption, performance & cost to show inefficiencies and make informed decisions

Automated SMS and email alerting on non-compliance

Visualise true cost by machine level

Forward budget with certainty

Zonal tracking of assets

Customisable dashboard

Assist your SECR & other carbon reporting requirements

Trend any metric; Temperatures, vibrations, speed and pressure

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What is an Energy Management System?

Through the visualisation and analysis of data, an Energy Management System provides your business with the strategic data required to implement an action plan to reduce energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions.


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Energy Management System

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