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Solar PV Solutions

Solar PV

Solar PV Solutions

We offer a fully integrated service for Solar PV solutions including design, installation, maintenance and aftercare for both domestic and commercial properties, helping you strive towards achieving your Net Zero targets.

With experienced engineers, we offer excellent industry advice on the best PV system to meet your needs. Add battery storage or solar power diverters to your array to ensure you are harnessing the most from the sun.

  • Customisable unique project planning
  • Fully qualified team of Irwin M&E Engineers
  • Add battery storage or hot water diverters
  • We design, build and maintain your solar package
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Solar PV Solutions

The Benefits

Solar PV Solutions
Environmental Impact
  • Support the UK’s transition to Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050
  • Resilience to energy price volatility
  • Become energy independent
Solar PV Solutions
Cost Reduction
  • Reduced electricity costs by up to 30%
  • Potential revenue by exporting electricity to the grid
  • Store energy and avoid expensive tariffs
Solar PV Solutions
Packages Available
  • Roof Mounted Solar PV
  • Ground Mounted Solar
  • Battery Storage
  • Solar Power Diverter

Battery Storage

Battery storage enables the consumer to store excess energy produced by their solar PV array and use it when required. The majority of solar generation takes place during the day, when tariffs are cheaper and people are at work resulting in reduced demand. The ability to store and utilise this excess energy when demand from the grid is greater results in cost savings.

Speak to our team and find out how installing a battery storage system can assist your solar PV array.

  • Improve financial savings
  • Maximise self-consumption
  • Reduce dependence on grid electricity

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Solar Power Diverter

When the solar power being generated is greater than the power being utilised, a solar power diverter enables the consumer to divert excess energy to an electrical appliance, most commonly an immersion heater. Reduced energy demand during the day when solar PV generation is greatest is a common theme in most domestic homes throughout the UK and the installation of a solar power diverter ensures excess energy can still be utilised through hot water as an example.

Speak to our team and find out how installing a solar power diverter can assist your solar PV array.

  • Maximise self-consumption
  • Reduce dependence on grid electricity
  • Increase financial savings

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Client Case Study

Belfast Met E3 Campus Solar PV Installation

Irwin supported Belfast Met to strive towards a renewable future by providing EV Charging solutions and Solar PV across the site.

We installed a 100 kW solar PV array at Springfield Road E3 Campus for Belfast Metropolitan College.

The funding for the project came from the ‘Invest to Save’ scheme and is estimated to save the college in the region of £10,000 per year resulting in a carbon reduction of approximately 50 tonnes per year.

Solar PV Solutions

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