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Smart Motor System

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Smart Motor System

In collaboration with Everun, we are proud to offer Turntide technologies. This innovative smart motor that accelerates electrification and sustainable operations for high energy users.

The Turntide Smart Motor System delivers energy efficiency in a highly reliable switched reluctance design. This software-driven motor solution includes a Smart Motor and Motor Controller, complete with networking and connection capabilities to Turntide Cloud™. The Turntide Motor System is proven to significantly reduce energy consumption, reducing energy costs and carbon footprint resulting from electric motor operation.

  • 40% of energy used in commercial buildings is from HVAC equipment
  • Typical 2 to 3-Year Payback Period
  • Up to 64% Reduction in HVAC energy usage
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Smart Motor System

What is the Smart Motor System?

Smart Motor System

A high rotor pole switched reluctance motor with advanced device physics runs more efficiently and reliably.

*Available for 1-15bhp

Smart Motor System
Motor Controller

The controller helps the variable-speed motor work at optimized efficiency across a broad range of speeds, control customised sequences of operation or application-specific functionality, and protect the system from damage or failure.

Smart Motor System
Turntide BOS

With Turntide BOS, your Turntide energy conservation measure can be managed from your fingertips. Turntide BOS makes your motor data visible to you in one secure dashboard view - no matter where you are, anytime.

*To access Turntide BOS you must install a Turntide Remote Monitoring Kit (RMK).

The Benefits

More Efficient Design

  • Minimal Energy loss due to optional rotor design and highly versatile as the software ensure optimal efficiency across a range of loads and speeds

24/7 Runtime Monitoring

  • Continues monitoring of motor conditions, such as speed and torque, helps to identify potential fault conditions; as well as unlock insights to optimise the motor performance and aid in the efficiency of your HVAC

Ultra Reliable

  • Reduce failures in comparison to induction motors by 10% and is optimised for multispeed, it works as reliably at higher and lower speeds


  • Hassle-free install with retrofits and installations performed by experts from Turntide or our network of trusted partners alongside proactive insight with built-in fault detection and alerts to enable preventative maintenance

The Turntide Smart Motor System will reduce your business’ energy usage and carbon footprint, but will also typically pay for themselves in 1-3 years. With reaching carbon net-zero a serious objective for any organisation, the product offers a practical economical and smart way to move things in the right direction. The high rotor pole switched reluctance motor, with advanced device physics, runs more efficiently and reliably than anything else on the market.

  • A simple and effective way to reduce your business’ carbon footprint
  • 30-60% increase in energy efficiency
  • 12.8% more reliable than traditional motors
  • Easy to install (uses your existing motors’ fixtures)

Turntide Datasheets

Irwin M&E Turntide One Sheet
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Irwin M&E Turntide V1
Irwin M&EDownload
Irwin M&E Turntide V2
Irwin M&EDownload
Irwin M&E Turntide V3
Irwin M&EDownload
Irwin M&E Smart Motor System Product Certifications V02
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Irwin M&E Motor Controller Datasheet V13
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Irwin M&E Turntide Motor Controller
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